How to Create a Safe and Secure Home Base While Living Abroad

The life of a traveler is a never-ending variety of exotic adventures. However, sometimes, you might get a little tired of the nomad life and yearn to stay in one place for a while. 

Your solution?  

Renting a vacation property! A longer-term rental is a perfect way to create a special “home-away-from-home” while traveling. It’s cozier than a hotel and usually comes with significant financial savings to boot.

Plus, you get to live like a local. Explore and experience the neighborhood – local stores, markets, and cafes – and enjoy settling into more of a daily routine. Meet your neighbors and try out your language skills!

Finding a Perfect Vacation Property 

From a remote cabin, beachfront cottage, or elegant city apartment, there is a vacation property for every type of traveler.  There are thousands of available properties on the internet, as well as resources to help you plan your search.

What Questions to Ask?

Remember that renting a house or apartment is not like booking a hotel. Make a list of your questions, needs, and priorities before you start your research, including:

  • Location, neighborhood features, and transportation options
  • Desired amenities like WiFi, kitchen, on-site laundry, and cleaning services
  • Financial considerations, such as discounts for longer-term rentals, deposits, fees, as well as liability and insurance provisions for your vacation rental

These preparations will help you filter your choices and streamline your search.

What If Something Happens During My Stay?

While we always want everything to fall into place while we are traveling, bad luck sometimes strikes. Don’t worry! Problems like these don’t have to ruin your trip. With a little communication and planning, you can prepare for any situation

Make sure you have a contact number for the owners or an on-site Property Manager in case of an emergency. Ask who handles any repairs or problems and how quickly you can expect them to respond. Upon arrival, walk around and take note of anything scratched, dented, or already broken. Take photos to document, so that you won’t be accused of the damage. 

Don’t Forget Personal Coverage!

Just as you need to anticipate any problems you might have with renting a vacation property, make sure you are also protected while living abroad. Consider purchasing travel insurance for your stay. 

Not only does it protect you and your luggage during transit, but it will also ensure that you have access to medical facilities and resources while living abroad. Many health insurance plans have limitations and restrictions on international travel, especially over an extended period.

Needs vary depending on your location, so talk to an established insurance broker to assess your needs. There are many coverage options available, and you can customize for long-term stays. With the help of art, you can fully understand the travel protection that is best for you, so that you can truly enjoy your stay abroad.

Ready to Plan Your Trip? 

With some planning and preparation, living in an international destination will be sure to be a life-changing adventure. With some planning, preparation, and protection, you can minimize your risk before you leave home, and enjoy your time abroad without worry!

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