Black Cherry OG Cannabis

Today, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of strains of cannabis available to purchase and consume from all over the world. It seems every other day a newly developed hybrid strain of cannabis becomes available. Understandably, many of these strains are very similar in qualities and properties with just a few minor tweaks to favour the users desires, but nonetheless those who grow their own cannabis continue to experiment and progress with their crops. In this black cherry og strain review, we will look further into the qualities of this strain in detail. 

Ken Estes is one of those cannabis fanatics who has done his research into developing his own strains. Ken Estes has been developing marijuana for medicinal purposes, and is the founder of the Granddaddy Purple Collective. The aim of this development is to help patients in dealing with chronic pais and other ailments. The Granddaddy Purple Collective has made Ken Estes something of a minor league celebrity across the cannabis and marijuana industry regarding medicinal developments and cannabis. And as he has continued to develop these various strains of, along came the Black Cherry OG strain. A strain that was met with great anticipation amongst users, and one that has been very well received. 

The Black Cherry OG strain is believed to have originated from Ken’s OG and the Granddaddy Purple. Black Cherry OG is a newly developed hybrid strain consisting of these two. It has been reported by users as a stronger strain than the average marijuana you might find available on the market. Its effects include a happy and uplifted mood, focus, a euphoric sensation, and relaxed. This makes it a highly effective remedy when combating stress and other feelings of low mood. The flip side to that is this strain will leave the user with a feeling of a dry mouth, which is to be expected from most strains of cannabis. Users have reported feelings of dizziness, similar to the feeling after consumption of alcohol, as well as feelings of paranoia. In some rare cases users have reported feelings of anxiety and dry eyes. It is depending on the user’s frame of mind and mood before consumption that will ultimately determine the effects experienced when using Black Cherry OG. 

Black Cherry OG is available in a range of fragrances including sweet, berry, grape, tea, and spicy. Flavours include berry, tea, and sweet. The medicinal purposes for the development of Black Cherry include support dealing with stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and spasticity. Ideally it is better to consume Black Cherry OG later in the day to avoid driving or operating machinery under the influence of this strain as it is a stronger strain than most. 

You can expect this strain to flower in around 9 to 10 weeks from planting. It is said to flower around early to mid october outdoors. The THC content, the natural responsible for causing the euphoric high after consumption, is said to be at a count of around 12-18% whereas the CBD is around 0.4%. 

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a strain of marijuana that will ultimately help with increasing your mood, or helping combat stress or other chronic pains and ailments, then the Black Cherry OG strain is ideal for you. It is a top quality strain, and popular with good reason with consumers.

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