Unique Photography Items You Didn’t Think You Needed

Photographers need more than just a camera, a lens, and a tripod. They need items that are going to make life easier and help them get some sick angles.

There are plenty of devices on the market to help photographers achieve more, and we’ve highlighted just a few we thought would make perfect additions to any lineup.

Solar Charger Panel

These are a game changer when you need a charge. Solar panel technology has come so far in the past few years, you can now charge anything from a laptop to several DSLR batteries in just a few hours. These are lightweight so you aren’t going to be bogged down by the extra baggage. Any photographer who is away from power for long periods of time must invest in one of these.


Drones have changed the way we capture the world. You can now get a birds-eye view of everything around you. Drones allow photographers to take pictures and video of things that weren’t possible to consumers just a few years ago.

Most drones have at least 30 minutes of flight time and allow you to take burst shots, time-lapse photos, and even 4K video. With an added filter, you can even capture long-exposure shots of a waterfall that’s too hard to reach by foot. Drones will absolutely expand your catalog. Just make sure your drone is properly registered and you’re familiar with the regulations where you’re shooting.

Motorized Camera Slider

This is something you might not have considered before today. Camera sliders, especially the motorized ones, are controlled either from a device attached to the camera or from your smartphone.

Adding a slider to your camera gear gives you more creative freedom as you look for the perfect shot. You have more control over what you see and how you want to see it in the end. For photographers looking to do time-lapse or hyper-lapse videos, a slider is an effective way to capture the perfect cinematic shot.

Portable Light Box

For product photographers, having a portable light box can make a huge difference when traveling. Light boxes allow you to get the correct lighting on any product you’re shooting and bring out the tiniest details. With the added smartphone app, you can edit and share your photos as soon as possible.

The Right Camera Backpack

Camera backpacks aren’t innovative, right? That’s not true. Having the right backpack makes all the difference from doorstep to location—especially when traveling. You want a pack that’s durable, waterproof, comes with slots that are easily accessible and even customizable.

When you’re on location, you don’t have time to fumble around, looking through your pack. So get a camera backpack that’s going to make your life easier. It won’t take long with a quality Wandrd pack until you’ll vow to never use anything else again!

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