4 Things to Bring on Your Cruise to Mexico

Planning a cruise to Mexico? Good choice! There are a lot of options out there, as cruise clubs like InCruises Reviews and other travel websites will tell you. But with the warm sands, Caribbean setting, and rich culture, you’re in for a fantastic time. The only thing that might be standing in your way is what to pack, especially since you’ll be traveling to a different country. But the list isn’t as complicated as you might think. Here are a few things to have handy.


While you may be able to board the cruise itself with just your driver’s license, it’s always a good idea to have a valid passport when traveling to Mexico. It is a good safety measure because in the case of an emergency, a passport will allow you to fly home from Mexico. And, on the more fun side of things, having your passport allows you to disembark and do some exploring once the ship reaches the port. 

Personal Items

A lot of toiletries and similar items will be available on the cruise, but you might not find your favorite brands and you’re even less likely to find a good price for them. Other things like Essential Oils, or specific soap brands might be unavailable. You can save yourself a lot of money and hassle by packing some of your own personal items beforehand.

Dressy Outfits

Often, the dining room of a cruise ship requires that you wear semi-formal clothing. This is good to have in mind when you begin packing and, depending on your dining plans as well as the length of your stay, you may need to pack several sets of these. Be sure to check your cruise paperwork for specific guidelines on what to wear.

Casual Wear

That being said, you’ll want some lighter, more comfortable clothes for exploring and sightseeing—and hitting the pool or beach. This is especially true for the climate and temperatures typical of Mexico. But don’t forget to bring some warmer clothes for the more air-conditioned parts of the ship, and especially don’t forget a set of pajamas.

The items needed for a cruise to Mexico are not all that different from items you would typically bring on any other trip. It basically comes down to considering the climate and going through the paperwork for your specific cruise. Happy travels!

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