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Worst Car Accidents To Date

There’s a chance that you may be involved in an accident each time you enter a motor vehicle. However, accidents can range from simple fender benders to those that are fatal. Roughly 1.35 million people die each year from crashes, while another 20-50 million suffer non-fatal injuries worldwide. 

Of course, no two accidents are created equal. Throughout the years, there have been a handful of crashes regarded as the worst in history. Here are some of the most tragic to ever take place.  

June 6, 1956

Taking place in Fayettville, North Carolina, a flatbed truck was carrying migrant workers. When a tractor trailer filled with potatoes pulled out in front of the truck, the accident was a disaster. Twenty-one individuals died as a result, which made this the worst accident to date at the time in the United States.

June 10, 1964

Returning from a camping trip in Utah, 49 boy scouts and their leader were heading up a steep hill in an open-bed truck when the vehicle’s brakes gave out. The truck slid down the hill until crashing into Carcass Wash, a deep valley. Thirteen of these scouts died. 

December 11, 1990 

This date was a foggy day in the Calhoun, Tennessee area. However, it became so foggy that it caused a 99-car pileup. In the end, 42 people were injured while twelve lost their lives. This remains one of the worst incidents in Tennessee. 

November 29, 1991

Outside of Coalinga, California rests Interstate 5. On this date, an incredibly dangerous dust storm overtook the area. Over 160 vehicles crashed that day, causing 17 total deaths. Another 150 people were injured. 

September 3, 1998

Windsor, located in Ontario, suffered a similar fog situation to the Tennessee incident above. It caused an 87-car pileup and a fire at the scene that was strong enough to fuse cars together. Eight people died with another 33 injured. 

November 3, 2007

Yet another fog caused multiple accidents on a highway in Fresno, California. With over 100 cars and trucks piled up, dozens found themselves injured. Unfortunately, another two died as a result. 

January 19, 2009

Winter ice and snow combined in Washington County, Maryland to create 20 individual accidents. The worst of them all involved 35 vehicles and seven tractor trailers. Surprisingly, only two casualties and twelve injuries were reported. 

March 31, 2013

Interstate 77 saw a chain reaction pileup of 95 vehicles on this date. Once again, a dense fog limited everyone’s visibility. Despite the danger, everyone continued at regular speed. Once the wreckage was cleared, it was found that two people had lost their lives. 

March 1, 2014

Winter conditions and fast drivers caused a 104 car pileup in Colorado, giving auto accident attorneys in Denver a nightmare to handle. The low temperatures were enough to kill exposed drivers, causing the city to use busses to save them from exposure. 

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