Dog Training Device Review: Is BarxBuddy Right for You and Your Dog?

Have you become frustrated with your dog’s training process? Have you avoided training your dog under the impression that they will grow out of their undesirable behaviors? While having a well-behaved dog is the goal of every dog dad or dog mom, many opt out of the actual training process due to difficulty, frustration, and lack of results. If you’re looking for a better path to a well-behaved pet, the BarxBuddy dog training device is right for you!

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BarxBuddy is a dog training device that is effective, save, and easy to use. By emitting high-frequency waves, Barxbuddy allows you to capture your dog’s attention and work with them to establish more positive and efficient training methods. Here is our BarxBuddy dog training device review. Is BarxBuddy right for you and your dog?


Let’s get straight to the point – is BarxBuddy an effective training device for your dog? The answer is a very resounding, “yes”! By emitting high-frequency noise, BarxBuddy easily grabs the attention of most pups no matter their scenario. While BarxBuddy effectively uses noise to grab your pup’s attention, it also has a light built in so that you have every tool at your disposal to bring your dog’s focus back to you! This attention is the most important step in the animal training process. Dog owners working on training their canine companion know that they’re easily distracted but being able to regain that attention is the difference between a well-trained and poorly trained pup. Whether it’s other dogs, neighbors, or squirrels, it’s important to know that your dog is just as well behaved indoors as they are with the distractions outside their home helps ease pet owner concerns. BarxBuddy is a safe, effective way to do just that! 


Many dog owners focused on sticking to positive training methods don’t often consider dog training devices. That’s because, with all of the shock collars and other devices built upon negative stimuli, devices used to train animals have earned a bad reputation. BarxBuddy is a different kind of dog training device. BarxBuddy is safe for humans and animals alike of every age. That’s because BarxBuddy works by emitting high-frequency sounds to capture your dog’s attention rather than any physical contact stimulus.


Dog training is something that humans have been doing since dogs became man’s (and woman’s!) best friend hundreds of years ago. With that lengthy history, it’s not every day that a new innovation in the realm of animal training comes along. BarxBuddy created their dog training device by truly thinking outside of the box to allow anyone with a furred friend an easy-to-use and safe platform to teach politeness in a humane, effective, and affordable manner. 

There’s no question that BarxBuddy is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their dog’s training in a way that yields results and keeps your relationship with your furred-friend positive! To learn more about BarxBuddy, you can check out this article from or visit their website at You may also follow them on Facebook and Twitter where Dog owners share their BarxBuddy reviews.

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