Teaching to the Common Core Standards in Pennsylvania

With the implementation of common core, PA education standards are changing and evolving. As a more uniform and unified approach to education develops, there are a few ways that you can take common core curriculum to the next level and ensure that your students are learning and growing.

Keep the Common Core Standards in Mind

PA education standards are at the heart of common core. As you navigate the lessons and goals outlined by common core, remember the standards. Each subject area has its own individual set of standards that can help you keep the end goal in mind. With the end in mind, you can tailor your lessons in a way that best helps your group of students learn what they need to.

Keep it Interactive

Don’t let teaching to the common core standards in Pennsylvania dry your lessons out, keep things interactive. Look at common core as a fun new challenge for you and your students. As you delve into the curriculum, let your class explore with you as you all learn together.

Keep it Connected

One of the most important things about common core curriculum is the connection between school work and homework. In order for your bright young minds to fully grasp all that they are learning, homework is essential. An LMS system like Canvas allows your students to have access to you and dedicated resources outside of the classroom. Used in K-12 and higher education settings all the time, Instructure’s Canvas Nation gives your students the ability to take learning into their own hands and gives you the ability to set them up for success at home.

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