All Modern Language students at Southampton, with the exception of those taking English as their first foreign language, will spend the third year of their degree in a country where one of the languages they study is spoken. Students who study two or more languages will spend the year in one country as the split year abroad has been found to have significant disadvantages.

You can spend your year abroad as one of the following:

  • an English Language Assistant in a school
  • studying at one of our partner universities under the ERASMUS Scheme
  • at a university in a non-EU country (eg Latin America)
  • (for Spanish students only) working as a language resources assistant in a Mexican University (special exchange scheme)
  • on a Work Placement

It is not only language students who have  the opportunity to study or work abroad – at the University of Southampton students can study abroad with ERASMUS, attend Summer Schools or study further afield at one of our partner universities outside of Europe. Most partnerships are subject specific, however there are a number of university-wide partners. They are:


  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Western Australia

South Korea


Hong Kong

  • Chinese University of Hong Kong

More information can be found here.