Ways to Stay Organized While Travelling

When traveling there should only be one thing on your mind – having a good time. However when organizing your trip there always seems to be a never ending list of things to keep track of. With so much planning and equipment needed for travel, it’s easy to get disorganized quickly. Being disorganized while abroad can take away from enjoying the adventure you’ve embarked on. Here are a few custom hacks to stay organized while on your travels.

Always Compartmentalize

The easiest way to keep organized during your trip to have a designated place for everything. This means packing all similar items together and keeping them compartmentalized for the duration of your trip. Put all similar clothes (turtleneck sweater, hoodies, etc.) together, toiletries and space for laundry in suitcases, and ensure backpacks have a dedicated for charging cables, adapters and battery packs. This makes grabbing things on the go way easier and lessens your chance of losing things.

Make Things Stick Out

Labeling your stuff is still an incredibly popular organization method today for a very simple reason – it works! To expertly keep track of all your devices, bags, or containers create some custom printed stickers of your initials in your favourite fonts and colours. This livens up often times boring and plain travel accessories and also ensures no one will confuse their items for yours. It’s also a fun way to show off your personality and take your aesthetic with you wherever you go.  

Leave Room for Laundry

There’s nothing worse than reaching into your suitcase for a fresh pair of socks only to discover they were the ones you were wearing all day yesterday or forgetting that the shirt you want to wear is the one you stained with the new foods you’ve been trying all week. It’s important to keep your laundry separate from your clean clothes, especially smaller articles of clothing like socks and undergarments. Bring along a light mesh bag with you when you travel so you instantly know which clothes you’ve already worn or damaged and prevents and makes packing and planning outfits easier for the rest of your trip.  

Patch It UpSometimes excursions can go for mild to wild unexpectedly and you may yourself in a terrain you weren’t prepared for. When this happens it’s easy for baggage or even clothing to get unexpectedly torn. Packing some extra customized printed patches and some safety pins or your hotel room sewing kit is a quick and easy way to patch up rips on the go. By customizing your patches online you’re not able to match your patch to your existing travel gear, but it’s also a fun way to differentiate your travel gear from others and makes losing your organized belongings next to impossible.  

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