What is IP Address Targeting

An IP address, or internet protocol address, is a set of numbers that have been assigned to a specific household based on their internet connection, that is given to you by your internet service provider. 

This IP address can be used to target advertising to specific users. Businesses can use IP targeting marketing to send internet advertisements to specific households based on their IP addresses. 

So, instead of a direct mail campaign, where you only reach the household once or twice a month, you can reach them 20 – 50 times a month. 

IP targeting advertising uses a technology to match a list of IP addresses to another list of names and addresses. Then, it only shows your advertisement to certain people on websites that they visit across the internet. 

IP address targeting marketing reaches the exact household that you want it to reach, so that way you’re not wasting any time and resources. 

Household IP targeting works without cookies. Unlike cookies, the IP address can’t be blocked or deleted. This way you can stay connect with households every time they go online. So, you can continually target their websites with your advertisements. 

Using an IP address, you are able to target directly to the household or business that you want, allowing you to provide extremely relevant online ads to your target audience. 

You can target anyone with an IP address. You can use data lists of your own or purchase data lists. You can reach various households, such as apartments, condos, houses, and more. You can also target business such as hotels, universities, airports, and more. 

An example of using IP address marketing is a college targeting households with college-aged individuals who are living with their parents. In this sense, they can deliver advertisements to the websites that that household visits increasing the chances of recruiting that student for the school. 

Political campaigns can reach certain households through the IP addresses to send their message to possible voters. These voters may live in an area that has voted in previous elections. 

Banks and credit card companies can target households that own a home, or have equity with them, in order to build their credit or entice them to open up a new credit card or account. 

You can also use IP addresses to avoid sending certain advertisements. If you want to send an ad through Facebook, you can add a list of IP addresses that you don’t want to target. 

The accuracy of IP address targeting comes from the location-based program that saved the IP address. As long as it is reliable, then your IP address targeting campaign should be reliable. 

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