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How Mint Global Marketing Stays On Top Of (And Ahead Of) Marketing Trends

Internet marketing is constantly changing and evolving; it’s one of the best parts of technology. However, this also makes it pretty hard to stay on top of the changes and use modern marketing techniques. 

Agencies like Mint Global Marketing spend a lot of time ensuring they’re using the most effective techniques and strategies available. They also spend a lot of time developing groundbreaking strategies. 

I wanted to know the secrets to staying on top of such a fast-changing market, so I reached out to Mint Global Marketing to find out how they do it. Here are some of the best tips they were able to give me. 

Podcasts and Research 

The first thing that Mint Global Marketing recommends is keeping up with popular podcasts and websites that deal with digital advertising and marketing in general. Hearing other experts in the field talk is a great way to gain insight into how other professionals are handling their marketing strategies. 

It may also open up your mind and your ear to some strategies you’ve never even heard of or considered. It’s always great to gain a new perspective on something, no matter how good you are at it. 

Hard Numbers (Data Analysis)

One thing that no podcast or article will be able to help you with is the numbers. Every business will have different numbers, and they are the map to a great strategy. 

One method may work for one business but be terrible for another, and the only way to find out is by analyzing the data and seeing the facts. If you do not have any data analytics set up on your website, then Mint Global Marketing believes it is the first thing you should do and will, without a doubt, show immediate results. 


All of the above points are fantastic for staying on top of marketing trends, but the only way to truly innovate or get ahead is through experimentation. For example, Mint Global Marketing was one of the first agencies to truly dive headfirst into influencer marketing, and nowadays, it is one of the best strategies with one of the best ROIs of any strategy. 

Your experimentation doesn’t have to be completely blind. Maybe you’ve seen one company advertising a certain way, but it hasn’t caught on yet. If you see potential, then go for it! 


Building up a strong network of influencers, marketers, and advertising agencies is another great way to stay on top. While they technically are your competition, it is much better to be on friendly terms, sharing technology with each other, than to be alone wolf competing against everyone. 

The truth is that there are networks out there all sharing information, and if you’re not a part of at least a small one, then you’re missing out. 

Old Fashioned Legwork 

Mint Global Marketing also highly recommends doing the dirty work yourself. By this, they mean checking out Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and looking at what brands and businesses are doing. 

Some people get away with a new strategy for months before anyone catches on and tries it out themselves. By actively researching and paying attention to advertising, you’re allowing yourself to find strategies before anyone else.

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