Right to be Forgotten

Four rights you have as a citizen in the field of privacy

Municipalities that want to use smart city applications , a fine of € 750,000 for Tikor for violating the privacy of children and a data breach at general practitioner where vaccination data was share without permission. These are all example of recent time where privacy violate or where there is a risk of this.

Since the introduction of the right to be forgotten gdpr ( GDPR), organization that process personal data have more obligation. They must handle your data with care. But what rights do you actually have as a citizen? Know that you have four important rights. I list them below.

1. The right to access and restrict processing

You have the right to find out whether and which of your personal data is process. You can request a copy from the organization that processes the data. We have a handy free sample letter “Request for inspection” that you can use for this. Do you want an organization to process less or no data from you? Then make use of the right to restriction of processing. And ask the organization whether it will stop or limit the processing.

2. The right to be forgot

You can also ask an organization to delete your data. Are the data no longer necessary, have you withdrawn your consent previously, has the retention period for the data expired or have you objected to the processing? Then an organization must delete your data. Sometime an organization is legally oblige to process or store personal data about you, then an organization cannot comply with your request. Do you want to have your data removed? Check out our free sample letter “right to be forgotten process” .

3. The right to transfer data

If you switch to another supplier, it may be useful for the old supplier to transfer your data to the new supplier. If you ask to transfer your data to a new organization, the old supplier must cooperate. This right only applies to digital personal data, not to paper files. It must also concern data for which you have given permission for the processing or personal data that were necessary to perform an agreement.

4. The right to information

You have the right to know who the organization is that processes your data, why it processes your data, how it handles it and whether it shares your data with or sells it to other organizations. Organizations must inform you about this. This can be done, for example, with a privacy statement or privacy statement. 

You can often find these on the website of an organization. And good to know: you do not only have these rights with European companies and organizations. Large American companies such as Google and Facebook must also comply with the rules within Europe.

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Google launch right to be forgot

The online form is the first step in complying with the ruling of the European Court, which rule more than two week ago on the right to be forgot on the internet. “In making this decision, we will review each individual request and attempt to balance the individual’s privacy rights with the public’s right to information,” Google said. To make a request, a valid copy of an ID must be provide, along with a link to the information and a reason why it is date, irrelevant or inappropriate. 

Google has not (yet) indicated how long it will take for a request to be grant. Thousand of request Google is said to have receive thousand of request, Reuter new agency report. But the search engine will have a lot of work to comply with this. Google must interpret the EU’s broad criteria and also handle requests in foreign languages ​​from countries where the company sometimes does not even have an office.

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