Mint Mobile review: International

International Calling

Mint Mobile includes free international calling to Canada and Mexico. You can also look into their low rates for over 160 countries across the globe. Mint Mobile offers a search bar that you can use to look up countries and the prices for calling and data roaming. 

Canada and Mexico both offer free calling and text through their normal plans. Other countries, such as France (2.5 cents per minute), Italy (1.5 cents a minute), and Germany (2 cents a minute) can charge per minute whether it be landline or mobile devices. 

This means that while you will be charged per minute, you can make calls from all over the world with Mint Mobile. In order to prepare for international travel, you can use a service called UpRoam to load money onto your account by $5, $10, and $20 at a time. 

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You can sign up for UpRoam by logging on to your Mint Mobile account, or texting UPROAM to 6700 from your Mint Mobile device. The unused money loaded to UpRoam accounts carry over from month to month, so it won’t expire. 

All of the plans that Mint Mobile offer have the ability to make international calling, so you don’t have to buy a specific plan in order to make international calls. However, just like they charge per minute with calling, they charge per text when on international territory. 

International Texting

Just as with calling, texting can be allowed in international areas. All inbound texts are free, though. So, you can get all the texts you want without having to pay a fee or loading money onto an account. Each text you send, however, will charge $0.05 cents. 

You can load money onto your UpRoam account for texting and calling while out of the country. When you run out of money on your UpRoam account, don’t worry. They won’t charge you anything else unless you want to reload money on your balance. 

Canada and Mexico are a bit different through Mint Mobile. The flat rate for an outgoing text from Canada and Mexico is $0.02 cents a text. Again, all incoming texts are free through these countries as well. 

International Roaming and Data

Mint Mobile also charges a fee per MB of data used. Mint Mobile charges $0.20 cents per MB used when in international areas. This can also be used from the pre-loaded money in your UpRoam account. So, what is in a MB?

To give you a better idea of the size of a MB, 1 hour of instant messaging can be 0.25 – 1MB. 1 hour of web browsing can take 1.5 – 25MB. Streaming an hour of video can take 250 – 500 MB. So make sure to save data when you can by using Wi-Fi. 

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