Holiday Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life

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If you know someone that’s into cycling, a sure-fire way to make them happy is to give them something to do with their favorite hobby. With the gift-giving season fast approaching and New Year’s resolutions to get in shape just around the corner, there’s no better way to put a smile on their face than these holiday gifts for the cyclist in your life.

AfterShokz Conduction Headphones $99

If you’re looking for a cool gift for someone that loves to bike, these innovative headphones could be exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike traditional headphones that have wires or sit inside the ear canal, the AfterShokz Conduction Headphones use a bone-conduction technology. 

The vibrations create music only the wearer hears and doesn’t interfere with safety. So, you don’t have to worry about this gift idea sending the recipient to a bike accident lawyer in San Francisco

3-Month Zwift Membership $45

If the cyclist in your life has a trainer, a great gift is a 3-month subscription to the Zwift app. This ultra-cool app connects the cyclist to other at-home riders across the globe 24/7. You can choose a certain route and see thousands of other people riding (virtually) along with you. So, you could be in California and race with someone in Australia.

Wahoo Tickr Fit Heart Rate Monitor Armband $80

Tracking your heart rate is an important part of exercising, whether it’s for health reasons or a fitness goal. The Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor is the perfect gift for any cyclist because it’s super comfortable to wear, it doesn’t bounce around like trackers that wrap around the chest, and it comes with two different size straps that will fit any size arm. The rechargeable battery provides up to 100 hours of tracking on a single charge.

Ortlieb Saddle-Bag $55

A favorite of New York City bike messengers, the Ortlieb Saddle Bag is an affordable option when it comes to pleasing the cyclist in your life. Not only is it very stylish, but the design is outstanding. It looks small, but it expands nicely so that you can carry everything you need with ease. It also has nice reflective details and bright colors to add an extra touch of safety.

Cetma Cargo 5L Bike Rack $120

If you know a cyclist that needs to haul larger objects, the Cetma Cargo 5L Bike Rack would be an ideal gift. That’s because it was designed by a bike messenger to haul medium to large packages without pulling you to one side or the other. It distributes the weight very well and has a compact design that doesn’t interfere with your ride when you’re not using it.

Set of 2 Park Tool 451 Bicycle Storage Hooks $7

If you’re looking for a less expensive stocking stuffer, these ultra-affordable bike mounts are a favorite among cyclists. They are designed to hold a bike by its wheels. Use one hook to store it vertically, or two hooks to store it horizontally. Because the Park Tool 451 Bicycle Storage Hooks come in a two-pack, you have the option to do whatever works best for just $7.

Foundation 748 Bike Tool Kit $85

When it comes to a practical gift for a cyclist, there’s nothing better than the Foundation 748 Bike Tool Kit. It includes everything you’ll need to make the most basic repairs and includes some tools that you might need for more advanced work, all in a neat little container.  

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