Keeping It Real With Michael Andrew Lauchlan (2021 Exclusive interview)

Keeping It Real With Michael Andrew Lauchlan: Staying Motivated, Productive, & Positive

The excitement about success is one thing, but staying motivated every day to realize your goals is another thing entirely. How do the people who are always successful do it?

Amidst a global pandemic, it may be daunting to stay positive and motivated, especially if your business has been affected by the lockdown. In this article, we sought after Michael Andrew Lauchlan, a leader in the real estate investment field, as he gives useful tips on how to achieve endless positivity, motivation, and productivity.

How to Stay Motivated, Productive, and PositiveBy Michael Andrew Lauchlan

These are nuggets from our interview with Andrew Lauchlan. These tips will help anyone to remain positive, motivated, and productive, no matter what.

Read Books on Success People

Michael Andrew Lauchlan achieved success in real estate in so many ways. If you read material written by successful people just like he did, you will key in to their earlier struggles and find 10 reasons to keep fighting and winning.

These people have been where you are—or at least, they have witnessed similar struggles. Their insights, wisdom, and knowledge will keep you motivated and focused when handling daily issues. Remember to turn off the TV and pick up a book!

Mingle with positive, successful people

You cannot find negativity among successful people. Successful people are the masters of their lives.

You should associate with these kinds of people and learn from them. Join clubs and networking groups.

Remember, do not join groups of people that are like you. Don’t be intimidated by those more successful than you are; instead, walk with them, learn from them, understand their tricks, and then, surpass them.

Never allow fears and insecurities to keep you from gaining the positive energy and confidence you need to create the life you want. Breathe, reach out, and meet more successful people today!


The best start for a day or a night is to meditate. Take ten minutes each morning to sit quietly and visualize yourself being productive, successful, happy, and wealthy.

Affirm your growth, happiness, peace, success, and contacts. You can visualize anything; you can  be anything; and as you close your eyes, your mind will subconsciously find opportunities and practical solutions for your career and business growth.

For instance, visualize yourself doing your job well and adding so much value to your company that you delight your boss and coworkers. Visualize and feel the joy and laughter you would have all day long and how it will positively affect those around you.

See yourself in wealth and visualize you and your family living the dream. Visualize that you are a money magnet. See yourself reaching a goal you have always wanted and feel how great that makes you feel.

And while you’re at it, use the down times throughout your day where you’re waiting for something – a commute to work, a long line at the supermarket, a lunch break, to visualize these same motivating thoughts. You’ll find that thinking positively becomes a habit and a true source of empowerment as you mold and create your perfect life.

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