GoLookUp Shares How You Could Have Unclaimed Money Sitting Around

GoLookUp Shares How You Could Have Unclaimed Money Sitting Around

The pandemic year has made people more aware of their financial status. This is probably because people had time to reflect and think about their decisions, including their finances. The result of this is that people have now realized that they might have money lurking up somewhere. 

As relieving as this is, the problem remains that people don’t even know how to search for this money. In addition, there are reports that some people don’t know they have unclaimed money sitting around.

Due to all these, GoLookUp, a background search platform, will be sharing how you could have unclaimed money sitting around. Also, since knowing you have money is not everything, GoLookUp will also share how to find this money.

How To Know You Have Unclaimed Money

For many reasons, people have some money stashed up somewhere that they might not know about. It might even be that they were entitled to some money and were not paid.

Now, there’s hardly any way to trace it. To know you have unclaimed money, you can begin by looking into the following places:

  • Certificates of deposit (CD)
  • Financial accounts with your name as a beneficiary
  • Insurance policies
  • Old bank and savings accounts
  • Retirement plans
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and dividends
  • Trust funds
  • Uncashed checks and wages
  • Unclaimed tax returns

All these places are common places you can look into to see if you have any unclaimed money. You may be surprised that there would be millions of your money stashed in any of these places.

The money belongs to you, so you have every right to claim it. Besides, unclaimed property laws mandate that your unclaimed property be returned when you demand such. 

But then, going through these places to check for your unclaimed money might be a lot of problems. Aside from that, some might require a lot of paperwork to verify. You will also spend a lot tracing them. These are some of the reasons people choose not to pursue searching for unclaimed money or funds

There might, however, be a simple solution offered by GoLookUp. So what’s this solution to finding unclaimed money?

How To Use GoLookUp To Find Unclaimed Money 

There’s a lot of stress in going through different accounts and checking with organizations to know if you have unclaimed money. This problem is what GoLookUp has come to eradicate. 

GoLookUp now allows users to search for unclaimed money through its unclaimed money search directory. Usually, people need their details like first and last name and the state they intend to search.

This unclaimed money search directory will search billions of public records and provide reports on any unclaimed money. To make it more effective, it conducts background checks and matches the details to trace unclaimed money. 

That is not all; if you have a long lost relative, you can also search to see if there’s any unclaimed money. More interesting, you can find out if you are entitled to the unclaimed money. If you are, you can then proceed to claim it.  

GoLookUp website can be used when hiring employees. It can also be used to locate unclaimed money or funds.

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