Marketing Innovation Post Covid With Nathan Harris

Covid disrupted numerous activities, and people had to adapt to the economic changes by partly or wholly shifting their businesses to the digital space. The thought of not working from home happened, and individuals diverted the pressure from getting a 9-5 job to starting their business. However, with all the adoptions and primarily shifting to conducting businesses online and using technology, the question of what will be next after the pandemic still lingers. With this shift, marketing must be at the top of the game in your business to keep up with the stiff competition. There is a need for marketing innovations and Nathan Harris explains it all.

Who Exactly Is Nathan Harris?

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Nathan is a son of a single mother who worked hard to ensure they never lacked. However, depression took over, and the mother locked herself for seven years at home. It was then that Nathan and his brother decided they would work hard to get their family from poverty which they ultimately accomplished, driving the mother out of recession. Harris started as a marketing consultant who made a seven-figure impact on over ten clients in Milwaukee. He partnered with the most extensive bar renovation in Milwaukee and turned it into a multi-billion-dollar company in less than five years. 

He is now the owner of Ease (Entrepreneurs Adopting to Serve Each other), a community of self-employed people collaborating with their peers to create a successful life for each other. The firm connects highly skilled individuals to organizations for work. Ease has grown by over 600% since the start of 2021 and has created millions of dollars in jobs by linking people with the leading companies in healthcare, technology, finance, and construction. He also owns two bars, Uncle Bucks and Red Star, to connect people inside and outside work, influencing culture. He is also a partner and chairman of LLUX Group, which brings together innovative leaders through experiences. He also owns The Hidaway, a luxury event space for LLUX members and private events.  

Marketing innovation

Marketing innovation is implementing new promotional ideas that significantly differ from previous advertising strategies used by an organization. These innovations aim to strengthen the marketing campaigns to keep a strong customer focus and open up new markets. Nathan being a technology founder and restaurateur with over ten years of experience in building timeless and award-winning brands, certainly facilitates marketing innovations in his business endeavors through the talent management system. 

Facilitating Market Innovations by Nathan Harris

When matching talent with organizations, Nathan and his team look for people who live life by design to work. They don’t base their search on only skills but also a cultural fix. People with cultural spots are all-rounded individuals to enable creativity, decision-making, and revolutions. According to Nathan, it is only talented people that want to work on really ambitious projects. He thus found himself the laser focusing on the workforce in corporate innovation. He knew he could help companies staff the most talented, innovative teams to work on the future of work projects. Through talent management, Nathan allows companies to gain inventive personnel that are fit to facilitate market innovations. 

Nathan and his team find these groundbreaking people through a vetting process where they do a background check, look into their certifications, and match them with available opportunities from their clients. 


Nathan Harris is doing admirable work, breaking the barrier of getting a good and well-paying job for highly skilled talent. His company Ease has won numerous awards and recognition for its impeccable value to society. You can reach out to Nathan Harris through 





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