Equitable Marketing Tips on Ad Copies

Experts from Equitable Marketing Share Why Testing Your Ad-Copy Is a Game Changer

If you, as a brand owner, think that it’s important enough to run ads, you should agree that it is also important that the ads you run should be thoroughly optimized. 

If you’re spending money (on ads), then you should at least try to get the most for it. 

This is where ad-copy testing comes in. It simply entails running variations of your ad copy in front of your audience and tracking the results in order to measure variables and determine which ad works best. 

There are a ton of things you can do to ensure that your ad copy is most efficient. We at Equitable Marketing recommend that you:

  • Vary text placement, color, and images, not just copy itself.
  • Aim to be unique
  • Speak to your customer’s emotions
  • Select the metrics you want to measure
  • Test with a statistically significant sample size
  • Be open to feedback from your customers and audience
  • Work with a testing group that is similar in demographic to your target market

Despite its importance, a lot of brands still do not test their ad copy. Well, we at Equitable Marketing know that it is key, and we want you to see why too. Here’s why testing your ad copy is a game-changer.

To break through the competition

Did you know that digital ad spending is projected to hit $517 billion dollars by 2022? That’s a lot of money. But more importantly, that’s a lot of ads.

Regardless of your kind of business, it’s certain that a lot of those ads will be competing against yours. And while all the ads paid for will be run, not all of them will convert. The competition will be tight. And if you don’t want your ads to lay in the graveyard of those that never converted, you have to optimize them as much as possible. Ad copy testing will drastically increase your click-through rate.

It gives you data

A huge part of marketing and growing a brand is running through the numbers. Testing your ad copy gives you reliable data you need to make adjustments to your advertising strategy. 

Equitable Marketing has worked with a ton of brands and used our tools to help them test their ad copy and analyze resulting data, and we’ve seen their click-through rates and conversions rates skyrocket. 

It helps you understand your target market better

It’s hard for your ads to convert when you don’t understand your audience well. Ad copy testing helps you to beat this. When you test, you can break your audience into different demographics and find out what works for them. You can then incorporate this information into the next set of ads you’d run. 

Equitable marketing has helped clients test their ad copies as a part of their conversion optimization strategy, and they’ve come to understand their clients much better than competitors who don’t test. 

If you took away anything from this article, we hope it’s that testing ad copy is worth it. If you want to get started right away, we at Equitable Marketing have great A/B testing tools to help your ads reach new levels of conversion. It’s never too early to get started. Good luck!

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