3 Credibility Press Lessons Every Realtor Should Learn From Logan Lindstrum

The real estate business is not easy and comes with many challenges. One of the significant challenges is how to deal with clients that have numerous demands. Many clients also find it difficult working with a realtor whom they don’t trust. 

Therefore regardless of what challenge you are going through, you need to establish yourself as an authority. Credibility is a tool you can use to legitimize yourself and your services to others. But how do you position yourself? Media plays an integral role. Logan Lindstrum is one of the most successful real estate champions that has leveraged the media to achieve his goals. 

Here are some of the lessons you can learn. 

  1. Be Everywhere On The Media Consistently

Media can be categorized into four types; print media(newspapers and magazines), broadcast media(TV and radio), outdoor, and the internet. The internet and especially social media have become effective advertising and marketing tools among realtors. Logan has been helping realtors leverage their social media and marketing. 

Despite being in the media, you need to be consistent. Consistency is the name of the game in the real estate business. If you post your content on social media to engage your audience, ensure you do it persistently. This step will help you build your trust and credibility with the people you engage with. You will be able to attract customers, get customer feedback and establish customer loyalty. Consistency will also help you increase your market and grow your customer network. 

  1. Be Passionate

You cannot learn or go far with something if you are not passionate about it. Since his days in school, he always knew that he wanted to build a business, and that is where he directed his attention. Logan built a landscaping company before transitioning into the real estate business. Logan is so passionate about helping people buy their first homes. He helps his realtor partners build up their brand and media. He also features them on his show The American Dream, as the host. Therefore, in any activities in your real estate business, do it passionately. 

  1. Focus On Customer Service

You could have the best services, houses or even prices. But do your clients keep on complaining about your services? You need to ensure your services are excellent. 

Excellent customer service will increase your customers’ loyalty. According to salesforce research, 91% of customers who have good and positive customer service always purchase. 

Focus on client service will also increase your profits and put you many steps ahead of your competitors. 

It will also increase your conversion and improve your public image and your brand’s perception. You will build your credibility in the long run, and media personalities will start looking for you. 

Wrap Up

Therefore consistency, passion, and excellent customer service can play a significant role in building your credibility. For more lessons, you can connect to Logan Lindstrum on; contact him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter  

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